About Us

We started our service back in 2004, We have offices in NJ. NY. PA. and now in MA. We do emergency transport's as well as transport to the vet for people that can not get there animal's there. We also have a animal disaster relief service.

Emergency Transport Services

Providing professional emergency care for your animal when minutes count.  Transporting your animal to the Veterinarian whether it be for minor injuries, immediate First Aid or major injuries, and knowing your animal is receiving quality care en route to most 24 hour facilities.

Transportation Services

Providing transportation services to you and your pet.  This service is available to those that are unable to get to the Veterinarian's office for routine care such as vaccines and wellness visits.  This transportation services ensures you and your pet are delivered safely to and from the Veterinarian's office.

Disaster Relief Services

Responding to disasters providing housing, nutrition, and medical care to the animals, until such time that they are reunited back with their loved ones.  Our professional staff is ready to respond with Quality Care at a moments' notice.

Contact Information

24 Hour Emergency Office:  978-745-2181                                                                      E-mail:  animalemergencyservices@yahoo.com